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DRAPER◊DBS™ is a custom cabinetry and furniture manufacturer nationally known for our unique custom cabinet design, fine hand-craftsmanship, and extraordinary finishes. Our custom cabinets are created one at a time by DRAPER◊DBS™ artisans with traditional time-honored cabinet maker techniques, such as hand-tooled sculpture, hand-glazed finishes, dovetail drawers, and pegged mortise and tenon construction.

In addition to custom kitchen cabinets, DRAPER◊DBS™ also offers original design and reproduction furniture, as well as bathroom cabinets and whole house custom cabinetry, incorporating custom woodworking and authentic architectural millwork. DRAPER◊DBS™ custom cabinets are available exclusively through authorized designer showrooms across the United States.

From the Artist: Welcome to DRAPER◊DBS™! Have you wanted…

    …personal inspiration in the furnishing of your home?
    I create only what I love, believing that to be the truest way to serve others.

    …an original statement that is yours alone?
    All work is designed and built one at a time in our studio shop.

    …to live surrounded by visions of love for your home?
    Sensual warmth, organic beauty to the touch, cries and whispers of delight, electric intimacy.

    …your unique imprint to last and reach into the future?
    Cabinetry as art for your life, about your life.

    …artistic collaboration, not clichéd dictation?
    Custom cabinetry and furnishings so you’ll be able to say, “That’s me! This is us! …We’re home!”

DRAPER◊DBS™ original art and designs are protected by Copyright, U.S. Design Patent and Trade Dress.
They are not to be used without written permission of DRAPER◊DBS™, Inc.