With Gratitude

We thank our clients for paying us the great compliment of choosing our custom cabinets for their homes. Many of our clients have also expressed their appreciation of our artisans’ work. We are honored to receive these kind words and share a few of them here.

We couldn't be more pleased with our kitchen, but now you have created a problem for us...

For many years, I would sit in the living room overlooking the kitchen, reading decorating magazines and wishing our kitchen could come close to what I saw on those pages. Now I sit in the same spot but with a smile on my face, wishing the photos could approach the beauty and functionality of our DBS kitchen.

So here is the problem you have created. I have the opportunity to relocate with my job and I can envision everything changing, but I cannot get over the possibility of leaving our kitchen behind. Every view, perfect. Every touch, perfect.

Thank you to your wonderful company and team of craftsmen for giving us the gift of such a magnificent and timeless piece of workmanship.

—Brian Young

This is unlike any other product. The craftsmanship is exquisite.

—The Johnsons

Your cabinets are the pride and joy of my kitchen.

They are signed and stamped, and made in the USA. I feel very honored to have artwork made with pride in my home.

Thank you for outstanding quality work!

—The Grandes

We are thrilled with your product.

The finish is beautiful and the knots and grain give the appearance of a much-loved piece of antique furniture.

Thank you to your craftspeople for their commitment to excellence. High standards and exemplary work ethic are traits in short supply these days. It's good to know they are alive and well at DRAPER-DBS.

With admiration and appreciation,

—The Boehms

It's beautiful.

Thank you for such fine craftmanship. It is a joy to see.

—The Harleyvetches

I fell in love with the design... And with a closer look, I realized the quality matched the design!

—The McQuillens

We are very impressed with the care and consideration that went into the making of our cabinetry.

The quality is so much better than other cabinetry we have seen.

—The Bobbitts

Thanks for the beautiful cabinets!

They are exactly what we wanted.

—The Remmelys

What’s Your Story?

What do you love about your DRAPER♦DBS custom cabinets? Share your story with us!

The True Custom Shop

DRAPER♦DBS custom cabinetry is made with pride in America, in Bucks County, PA. Each piece is handcrafted one at a time, and signed by the artisan who created it.

From a true custom shop, comes a true custom product.

We have no assembly line and no stock of cabinets. Our business is dedicated to producing the most unique and personal designs in the industry.

We create over a hundred custom finishes every year.

Each finish is multi-layered with every element carefully selected: from wood color and grain, to stain and paint pigments, to surface texture, and top coat formulation and sheen.

"Every view, perfect.
Every touch, perfect.

Thank you to your team of craftsmen for giving us such a magnificent and timeless piece of workmanship."
—The Youngs

We're proud to partner

with a diverse community of associate artisans. With hand-carvings, stained and leaded glass, and cast and cut metals, together we provide a level of artistic customization above anything else in the market.