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Crowning Glory!

Kitchen designer Veronica Campbell of DRAPER♦DBS dealer showroom Deane, Inc. knows how to make a statement! She crowned her client’s kitchen with this 61” custom Walnut hood:


Veronica highlighted the wood species’ rolling grain pattern with our Natural finish. Cool contemporary accents of brushed and polished stainless steel offset Walnut’s warm, natural tone.

For her kitchen design, Veronica chose our award-winning door style, Ingot. It serves as a transitional frame for Natural Walnut’s horizontal grain, which ebbs and flows throughout the perimeter and island. A crisp and clean custom white paint finish balances the Walnut, making the beautiful wood tones pop against the white cabinets!


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The True Custom Shop

DRAPER♦DBS custom cabinetry is made with pride in America, in Bucks County, PA. Each piece is handcrafted one at a time, and signed by the artisan who created it.

From a true custom shop, comes a true custom product.

We have no assembly line and no stock of cabinets. Our business is dedicated to producing the most unique and personal designs in the industry.

We create over a hundred custom finishes every year.

Each finish is multi-layered with every element carefully selected: from wood color and grain, to stain and paint pigments, to surface texture, and top coat formulation and sheen.

"Every view, perfect.
Every touch, perfect.

Thank you to your team of craftsmen for giving us such a magnificent and timeless piece of workmanship."
—The Youngs

We're proud to partner

with a diverse community of associate artisans. With hand-carvings, stained and leaded glass, and cast and cut metals, together we provide a level of artistic customization above anything else in the market.